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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sales Training

Have you ever come upon a salesman who doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about? Or did you ever encounter a salesman who’s so good that it seems that he could sell air conditioners to Eskimos? A good salesman may have acquired his talent naturally but natural salesmen are hard to come by that’s why some undergo Sales Training. AS-SA, a UK company can help you train your personnel so that you achieve your business’ sales target.

As-Sa’s training methods includes: Sales Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Workshop Facilitation, and an On-Line Academy. AS-SA’s sales course involves basic sales training as well as more comprehensive courses designed to teach your salespeople how to win more business. Some of AS-SA’s sales courses include: Key Account development, developing relationships and managing accounts, sales starters, telephone techniques, and major account selling skills among others.

As-Sa’s Sales starters course is a 2 day basic course which tackles the buying and sales cycles, verbal skills that is needed to get your point across to your clients and some basic skills of prospecting such as territory research, telephone use and use of mail shots. As-Sa’s various training course can very well help your company increase your sales.

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