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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Blog Ranking System

A word from our sponsors:

If you got hit by Google during its recent pagerank update because your blog is doing sponsored posts, chances are, you probably don’t get as much opportunities while doing your sponsored reviews. ©2008 IZEA has just launched, a system that calculates how your Blog Ranks compared with other blogs based on average daily traffic.

While Google based their PageRank on algorithms, is keeping it simple and ranks your blog based on the actual traffic it generates. What I like about is that you get a chance to see how your blog compares with other sites and you have the option to keep your stats private or public. However, one major downside of this is that you can’t actually compare your blog with blogs that have a similar theme, i.e, Entertainment or technology blogs. You have to compare your stats with all of the blogs that have put the javascript code on their pages for Izea to monitor traffic. It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out why a blog with adult content generates more traffic than say, a business blog.

Though Izearanks purpose is noble (we all want to have an accurate and unbiased ranking system), it is still in the early stage and it needs to work out some kinks in their system and assure their members that their system is not vulnerable to fraud (generating thousands of traffic through autosurf sites is very easy), with that said, it’s still nice to compare blog rankings and have some sort of bragging rights over the other blogs, plus you can get a chance to win an easy $1000 for having a #1 RealRank.

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