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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The World's First Wireless SD Card for Digital Cameras

First off, I don't know where Eye-Fi got the idea that their product is the first Wireless SD card. Sandisk has released a wi-fi sd card years ago when WiFi wasn't a must-have on PDAs. The headline of the Eye-Fi's press release read, "EYE-FI UNVEILS WORLD’S FIRST WIRELESS MEMORY CARD", now that is misleading. Now, if they append "for digital cameras", that would put a semblance of truth to their statement. Sandisk's WiFi card wasn't exactly built for digital cameras, it had an antenna so it protruded when inserted unto a PDA. But I guess Eye-Fi and Sandisk's memory cards are two different things. Sandisk's wifi memory card was really a wifi adapter for PDAs while the Eye-fi memory card...well, it's for those people who're too lazy to do all the transferring from their digital cameras to PC and then to a social networking site.

Eye-Fi's 2GB wifi memory card is priced at $99.99. A new 2GB SD card only cost less than $20, so if you think that paying $80 more is worth it so that you don't have to waste precious energy transferring your photos, then by all means, go get one.

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