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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Samsung YP-P2

Before the iPod touch and the Zune 80GB, there was the Samsung YP-P2. The Samsung YP-P2 is Samsung's first MP3 widescreen video player launched just after the iPhone, hence the similar looking design. The Samsung YP-P2 sports a 3 inch 16 x 9 widescreen LCD and supports video, music and photo playback. The Samsung YP-P2 comes in three colors; Black, Burgundy, and White and comes in 4 GB (YP-P2JAB) and 8 GB (YP-P2JCB) models.

The most notable feature of the Samsung YP-P2 is its touch screen interface. Released just after the iPhone hype, the Samsung YP-P2 mimics the iPhone's touch screen interface with their own EmoTrue interface wherein users can just swipe their fingers across the screen to forward, rewind or skip tracks or videos. However, Samsung's EmoTrue interface isn't quite like the iPhone. You're limited to the swiping motion when forwarding tracks but when it comes to the other functions like viewing photos, you actually have to press the screen and a couple of hardware buttons. Touch interface is only subpar compared with the iPhone.

The Samsung YP-P2 video MP3 players can playback MPEG4 or WMV9 videos in 16:9 widescreen format and produces stunningly clear and bright images thanks to the 3 inch display with OLED backlight. Samsung included their Samsung Multimedia Software with the Samsung YP-P2 so you can transcode your videos on your PC before transferring them to your Samsung YP-P2. Transcoding videos will ensure that your videos are played smoothly on the Samsung YP-P2 using the optimum settings, unencoded videos will result in buffering and slow video playback. The Samsung YP-P2 can playback videos at 30 frames per second, almost twice the average of other MP4 players.

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