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Friday, October 12, 2007

Website Review:

As a CPA, I know for a fact that starting your own business is not as simple as thinking up of a corporate name and starting your business activities. There are certain forms to fill up and government requirements to meet such as registering your corporation. When registering your corporation you need to have by-laws, pre-incorporation agreement, and records of your first meeting of your board of directors. If you’re only a sole proprietor, don’t be surprised if when audited by the IRS, they require you to produce company minutes because they do require it.

The tasks seem daunting but there are certain companies that will help in starting up your own business. for example, offers free corporate forms on their website or if it is still complicated for you, they can prepare the whole set of documents for only $20-$25. They also offer a corporate kit consisting of a binder to keep your corporate forms, 20 corporate stock certificates, by-laws, minutes, sample forms, stock ledger, and embossing seal. can help small business owners to start their companies, and if you’re new to the business scene, they have a frequently asked questions page that can answer all your queries regarding corporations.

However, if you don't want to spend that kind of money, you can always try Google or visit forums and ask people who have had experienced setting up their own corporation. In my experience, you can get a lot of information from business related forums, and it's all free.

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