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Friday, October 12, 2007

Symphony S210 by Salagar Sonics

Salagar Sonic, makers of high end loudspeaker systems revealed their Salagar Symphony S210 which the company claims produces full rich sounds. Salagar Sonic stated that the Symphony S210 emulates the shape of the string instrument family---it just looks like a pair of kidney to me.

The Symphony S210's form factor has a purpose. According to the manufacturers, "This
design facilitates an even distribution of cabinet stress, realized by creating a curved walled, airtight vessel, to reduce dramatically cabinet coloration for high quality sound production across all audible frequencies."

Technical Specifications of the Symphony S210 include:

Form Factor: Stand Mounted 2 way, Bi-amplified
loudspeaker with adjustable SALAGAR X-ACT
digital, crossover/controller

Frequency Response (+-3db): 42 Hz - 20 kHz (Program 1)

Dimensions: 24.61" H x 15.52" W x 12.13" D (without

System Product Weight: 43 lbs. each

Enclosure Type: Sealed, integrally braced, non-resonant in
choice of various woods or automotive

Baffle Applique: Laser cut aluminum, powder coated (other
material choices optional)

Mid Bass Transducer: 10" Cast Magnesium Frame, Coated, Non
Resonant Paper Cone

High Frequency Transducer: 1" Soft Dome, 6 neodymium magnet AirCirc

Internal Power Amplifiers: 2 x Class D ICE Power, 200W max each at 0.01

Crossover Frequency: 1.8 kHz, 3rd order Linkwitz/Riley digitally

Audio Input: Balanced on XLR, Unbalanced optional through

Controls: SALAGAR X-ACT Startup Program, four settings

AC Input: 110-230 VAC IEC, Integrated Mains Switch

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