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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The B Phone from Samsung

Samsung will soon release a special edition Upstage SPH-M620 phone dubbed as the Beyonce Special Edition B'Phone. Nothing really new about the B'Phone except it has burgundy and gold colors. It still has the dual-sided design of the Samsung Upstage SPH-M620: One side phone, one side MP3 player. The Beyonce Special Edition B'Phone (Upstage SPH-M620) will be exclusive to Sprint Mobile Broadband Network.

Other Features of the B Phone (UPstage SPH-M620) include: 1.3 mega pixel camera, Bluetooth that supports stereo profile, External MicroSD card slot, and extended battery wallet (also in burgundy and gold). According to Samsung, the B Phone will be available in limited quantities starting November 4.

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