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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Delta Faucets for your Home

When choosing your kitchen faucets, you not only have to take into account its functionality but the design as well. Kitchen faucets need to blend well with your décor. Whether your home design is casual, contemporary, traditional or stately, Delta Faucets will fit nicely on any of these décor.

Delta Faucets also comes in many finishes. The Delta Faucet Company is the first faucet company to use physical vapor technology and they have their own Brilliance finish. Delta Faucet’s proprietary Brilliance Finish has a lifetime warranty against tarnishing and coloring so you don’t have to worry about choosing other finishes other than chrome.

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lake_mama said...

Be very careful when you purchase Delta products. I bought a Delta kitchen faucet 473RB for my plumber to install. One of the nuts in the package was defective (no threads). I had to drive 60 miles roundtrip to get another part. I also had to pay my plumber for a return visit. Delta was nonresponsive and told me that I should have called them and they would have sent me (at no cost) a replacement nut that would have been delivered in 7 to 10 business days! Why would I EVER purchase a Delta product again? When a company has little or no quality control, why would I want to do business with them? They could have at least offered me a discount on other Delta products, but no, they didn't even care about my loss or my inconvenience. What poor, poor customer service!

natalie1981 said...

Thanks for the heads up. Maybe it was just bad luck that you got stuck with the bad nut and unresponsive customer service. Not all companies are perfect.