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Monday, October 22, 2007

Nokia N81 standard and 8GB version to start shipping

Okay, only a week after the FCC approved the Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia announced that it would soon be shipping the Nokia N81 8GB and that standard Nokia N81 globally. The Nokia N81 is a music phone and the only difference between the two phones what the name says, the other one has an 8GB internal memory capacity. But aside from that difference, there's really no major difference. Both phones are 3G capable, has a 2 mega pixel camera, 2.4 inch display, and weighs around 86 cc.

Imaging features of the Nokia N81 aside from the 2 mega pixel camera includes video capture of up to 15fps, digital zoom up to 20x, and integrated flash. The Nokia N81 supports MP3 (VBR), AAC, eAAC+, AAC+, WMA/M4A, and WAV file formats and is compatible with Bluetooth A2DP profile.

The Nokia N81 will have a price of 360 Euros while the N81 8GB will have a retail price of 430 Euros, both before taxes and subsidies.

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