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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Alternative Method of Losing Weight

In the US alone more than half the population is overweight. There are a lot of options for weight loss; dieting, exercising, diet pills, calorie counting, and if none of these methods work, the last option is surgery. Surgical methods for losing weight could range from liposuction to tummy tucking, but the latest in obesity surgery is Lap-band or Laparoscopic Adjustable Banding. Lap-Band is a silicone band with an adjustable balloon covering its inner surface. The Lap-Band is placed on the upper portion of the stomach where food can pass through a narrow opening. A port is placed under the abdominal skin, and is connected to the Lap-Band by a small tube.

Lap-Band is the safest method in obesity surgery and is completely reversible and adjustable for life, unlike gastric bypass surgery. So if you ever feel like there's no hope in losing weight, try Lap-band surgery.

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