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Thursday, October 11, 2007

W910 Walkman and K850 Cyber-Shot Phones from Sony

As the Holidays near expect more phones to be released these upcoming months but unless they could somehow put the microwave unto your cell phone, also expect that there would be nothing new about these phones except some "proprietary" technology which usually means just a change of name for something as mundane as how the phone displays track list.

Anyways, a new Walkman (W910) and Cyber-Shot (K850) phone from Sony looks a little bit pretty. The Walkman W910 really doesn't offer much technology wise except if you feel like you really need your phone to sense what mood you're in so that it can match the songs that it will play which is what the "SenseMe" technology is about. As if getting dumped by your girlfriend/boyfriend isn't bad enough, your phone can now have the capabilities of torturing you by playing your song. Yes, that's exactly what I need, Sony!

The Cyber-Shot K850 phone also doesn't have new technology to boast about. The Cyber-Shot K850 has 5 mega pixel camera, auto focus, and loads of other stuff to keep you from having your fingers get in on every shot.

Both phones will be available in October.

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