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Thursday, August 2, 2007

World's first Blu-ray disc camcorder

From the company that brought us the first DVD camcorder and the DVD and hard disc drive hybrid camcorder now comes the first Blu-Ray disc camcorder. Hitachi, a leading Global Electronics company has announced the launched of two new camcorders that features Blu-ray disc recording.

Hitachi's Blu-ray disc camcorders comes in two models, the DZ-BD7H, a hybrid camcorder that can record high definition videos onto a Blu-ray disc or a 30 GB Hard disc drive, and the DZ- BD70, a basic single drive Blu-ray disc camcorder. Both camcorders has a 10x zoom and a 2.7 inch wide screen LCD. The Blu-ray disc drive records to a 8cm BD disc or 8cm DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R or DVD+RW. The 8cm BD can record up to 1 hour of full HD video or two hours of standard HD video while the DZ-BD7H's 30 GB hard disc drive can record up to 4 hours of full HD.

Hitachi's Blu-ray disc camcorders will be available starting August 30, 2007 in Japan and the rest of the world will follow in October. No price is yet available at the company's website.

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