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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Epson's Newest all-in-one ink jet printers

Epson America, Inc. has introduced last Wednesday, their newest line of all-in-one ink jet printers that has printing, scanning, copying, and other features. These new products include the CX7400, CX8400, and CX9400Fax. According to Epson, they have optimized their new line of ink jet printers to meet the demands of their customer's day-to-day printing needs.

According to Epson, the Epson CX7400 can print both black and color text at a speed of 28 ppm/cpm and can print 4 x 6 borderless photos in 27 seconds while the Epson CX8400 can print both black and color text at a speed of 32 ppm and can produce copies at speeds of 30 cpm. The CX8400 also has a 2.5 inch LCD for easy document and photo viewing, printing, and copying, sans the PC.

Aside from printing, copying, and scanning documents and photos, the Epson CX9400Fax also has the ability to fax colored documents and photos. The CX9400 has faxing speeds of 33.6 Kbps and includes a 60 number speed dial, up to 100 pages of memory, automatic redial, auto answer, and caller ID features. All three printers can connect via USB 2.0.

Epson is now shipping the CX7400 and CX8400 at a price of $69.99 and $99.99, respectively while the Epson CX9400Fax will ship out in October for an estimated price of $149.99.

SOURCE: Epson Press Release

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