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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Introducing, the world's thinnest solar battery

First, it was the LCD screens that are getting thinner, with Sony's introduction of the flexible screen and other paper-thin screens currently being developed, what's next? Well, how about a paper thin and flexible battery to power up these screens?

Geomatec and Iwate University of Japan has developed a rechargeable solar battery that is only several nano meters thick. The paper thin battery is made of completely solid materials and doesn't have any liquid so there's no danger of explosion. It's so safe that you can even bend it (Partnership with Sony's flexible screen would be a good option for them right now). The rechargeable battery can resist temperatures of up to 120 degrees celsius and can be charged and discharge up to 10,000 times.


Unknown said...

can I buy this? Where can I buy this? I am really interesting in this product.

natalie1981 said...

It's not yet in production. Just a prototype.