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Sunday, August 5, 2007

A New Mobile Operating System Introduced

Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm, the largest providers of operating systems for the mobile platform, are about to face tough competition as Chipnuts Technology, a Chinese based provider of systems solution, announced the launch of SmartNX Mobile operating system and NX200 platform. The operating system and the platform have already been adapted by some mobile phone design company and manufacturers.

The NX200 platform incorporates Chipnuts recent C7280 multi-core mobile application processor with the SmartNX Mobile operating system; the combination of the two allows easy smart phone development. Chipnuts' platform and mobile operating system provides mobile phone designers and manufacturers a total solution multimedia application processor, operating system, mainstream application software, product design reference, and testing, manufacturing as well as development related tools. These solutions can lower technical and business difficulties and shortens product developers' time to market, decreasing the total cost for owning smart phone devices.


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