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Monday, August 6, 2007

Panasonic introduces new line of HD cameras

Panasonic announced last Monday the introduction of their two new camcorder line-up. Following the popularity and demand for High Definition videos, Panasonic's new camcorders is capable of full HD video recording that can best be viewed on a large screen, high definition TV. The HDC-SD5 and the HDC-SX5 camcorders will incorporate Panasonic's imaging technology that, according to the company, would let consumers capture clear and vibrant videos.

The primary difference between conventional HD video recording and full HD recording is that the former is capable of 1,440 pixels horizontally and has a total of 1.55 million pixels while full HD recording has 1,920 horizontal pixels and a total of 2.07 million pixels. Pixels of this amount on any camcorder would give users the highest detail and resolution.


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