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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Video Game Review: Delicious Deluxe 2

I really like the Diner Dash type of games and I've played all Diner Dash 1-3 including the Spongebob Diner dash version. This arcade type of game is really addicting so I'm always looking for new games down at BigFish Games, Reflexive and Gamehouse for similar type of interface. I came across Delicious Deluxe and I immediately loved the game. It has the similar gameplay as Diner Dash but with cuter graphics. When I found out that there was Delicious Deluxe 2, I immediately downloaded the game.

The difference from Delicious Deluxe 1 is that there's a story line wherein the characters talk to each other in a comic strip type of way. Also, unlike Delicious Deluxe 1 wherein you only get a table cleaner during the latter part of the game, in Delicious Deluxe 2, you have a table cleaner during the middle part of the first restaurant adventure.

Gameplay is pretty much the same, prepare the meals and deliver it to customers. The game phase of Delicious Deluxe 2 is slower than Diner Dash games, maybe its due to graphics rendering or something. I really love Delicious Deluxe 2, love the graphics, the story, the game play, everything. What I really hate is that the makers didn't make it harder. I have a harder time finishing the first Delicious Deluxe. I don't know if its just that I've played so much diner dash types of games that this kind of gameplay is just child's play for me or if it really is in the programming of the game. I mean, there were only two to three instances wherein I didn't get expert scores the first try and during the last part of the game, it only took me two tries to get the expert score.

All in all, Delicious Deluxe 2 is a great game to just kill the time or if you're a fanatic of the diner dash gameplay but don't expect to be challenged by the game coz you won't even break a sweat.

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