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Friday, August 3, 2007

Nissan unveils concept car that would help prevent drunk-driving accidents

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is on a roll with their anti drunk-driving campaign. Just last June, the Motor company announced a drunk driving message alert system on their navigation system and just last July, they have began testing a breathalyzer system that can immobilize a car once a driver's breath has been detected to contain alcohol above a specified level. Now the company introduced their concept car that would further prevent drunk driving accidents.

The anti drunk-driving technology includes an alcohol odor sensor built into the transmission shift knob that can detect alcohol through the driver's perspiration. Several alcohol odor sensors are located throughout the car that detects the presence of alcohol inside the vehicle. Once alcohol is detected to be above a specified level, preventive measures are put into gear which includes immobilization of the car by locking the transmission and message alert voices.

Nissan's anti drunk-driving technology also has a facial recognition system that detects if the driver is drowsy through monitoring of the driver's blinking eyes. If a driver is detected to be sleepy, a message alert voice will sound and the seat-belt will tighten to jolt the driver back to a wakeful state.

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Rachel said...

A few years ago I would have thought this to be some sort of Aprils Fools Joke - but it actually sounds feasible and fantastic now.

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