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Friday, August 3, 2007

How to finish Level 40 in Belle's Beauty Boutique and have Expert Scores

I've finished Belle's Beauty Boutique for some time now and I'm proud to say that I finished both with Easy and Expert level with all expert scores including level 40. Though I have to admit, it took me a while to get an expert score in level 40. This is not a cheat or special code or hack on the game but just pure technique.

How to get past Level 40 and achieve all expert scores

Well the technique is flirt, flirt, flirt, and gossip, gossip, gossip. At first I thought to get all expert scores, the customers bars need to be full, I was wrong. I could actually get way beyond expert scores even if customers are on the verge of leaving, its all in just letting the elderly, chubby, gossip lady and elderly guy stay for a little while longer in their chairs than necessary so new customers can flirt or gossip with them. Gossip and flirt scores are like, $15 or $20 each, assuring that you would reach the expert score. And always use the makeover button when its full.

For getting past Level 40, all you need to do is always match the Dracula guy and gal and the Frankenstein couple. Also, the fairy and the mummy are like the gossip lady and the elderly guy in the previous levels, just make them stay a little longer though if the fairy's bar starts getting low, you should apply the spa treatment as a full bar would yield you about more than a hundred dollar payment.

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