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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to Speed Up Your PC without spending

Let's face it, no matter how high the memory or the processor of your PC is, after a few months of use, it is usually not as fast as when you first bought it. The faster but not cheap way to speed things up a bit is to add memory to your PC, however, this would also depend on the motherboard if it could take additional memory. Anyways, here are just some simple steps in order to speed up your pc without you spending anything.

  • Clean up unused desktop icons, unused files, and registry entries. Cleaning up your desktop icons, unused files, and registry entries is like a Colon Cleanse for your PC: you’re trying to remove waste impacted on it that is bugging it down. The more desktop icons on your PC, the longer it would take for your PC to booth up. Unused files on your PC would slow down your navigation when you’re browsing documents or files while unnecessary registry entries also slows down boot up time. To remove unused registry entries, try easycleaner, it’s a free program and you can download it from
  • Defrag your hard drive. Go to my computer, right click on drive c: select properties and click on the tools tab. Click on Defragment now. Defragmenting your hard drive would speed up browsing of files as well as boot up time.
  • Regularly scan your pc. Viruses and malware also affects the performance of your PC so be sure that you’re always regularly scanning your PC.

Cleaning up unused icons and files is like colon cleanse for your pc....

That’s it. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

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