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Thursday, June 19, 2008

HJC AC-12 Carbon Fiber Helmet

I have to say, though I know motorcycles can be dangerous, there's really something about motorcycle riders that makes me think they're oh so cool. Maybe it's just the leather jackets or their cool looking
motorcycle helmets but whenever I see a guy disembarking a Honda or Harley motorcycle, I always do a double take.

And speaking of cool-looking helmets, the HJC AC-12 carbon helmet is one of the cool looking helmets I've seen in a while. It has a very streamlined and sharp design and of course, it's not so bad as a motorcycle safety gear since carbon fiber helmets are one of the toughest gear around.

According to some online reviews, the HJC ac-12 is one of the lightest motorcycle helmets around. However, I’ve also read up on some customer reviews and some customers have complained that there’s chipping of the clear coat when the AC-12 is dropped. This does doesn’t say a lot about the helmet’s quality though some might argue that it’s only natural as carbon fiber helmets naturally bend when dropped to give more protection to the user.

Anyways, you can find the hjc ac-12 carbon helmet over at bikerhiway.com if you’re interested as well as some other motorcycle helmet brands and other motorcycle safety gear.

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