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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Save on International Calls with Cheap Long Distance Calling Card

The United States is home to thousands of immigrants and every year, the number grows. Every year telephone companies also rake in big profits from immigrants, like some of my relatives, when they incur hundreds of dollars of phone bills for calling their loved ones abroad. Instead of incurring charges on your phone bills for international calls, a good alternative would be international calling cards or prepaid calling cards. However, some of this cheap prepaid phone card has hidden charges and you end up paying more than your telephone bills. To avoid hidden charges on your international calling cards, you might want to try and use Pingo.

Pingo offers cheap long distance calling card with low international call rates, no hidden fees, and no surprises. Pingo offers the cheap phone card and you can get up to 90% discount long distance calls. Pingo also has a RateWatcher which checks if you’re getting the best phone card rate. In addition to offering you a cheap global phone card, Pingo also features:

• Clear, reliable calls
• Great India calling card rates as well as to most countries around the world
• No hidden charges or fees
• Refer a friend to Pingo and get $5 in free calls
• PIN-less dialing

Plus, when you buy a Pingo calling card and enter a special discount coupon: “ppp3”, you can get $3 off and get a $25 phone card for just $17.

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Anonymous said...

I used to spend a lot of money on calling cards, but I am now using YapOn for all my long distance calling. I use it on my cellular as well as my landline. Not only is it a reliable, high quality phone service, it is really easy to use and saving me a LOT on money! I can even call my friends and relatives who are overseas with my cell phone for pennies. There are no connection fees, hidden OR monthly fees, I get everything I pay for! And without having to change my cell phone provider or rate plan!