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Friday, September 7, 2007

Making money out of your blog through PayPerPost

I’ve heard about blogging years before and though I love writing, blogging never really interested me since I’m not really comfortable with the idea of sharing my thoughts with the whole world wide web. Things changed when I joined an online money-making forum, trying to look for work at home opportunities, and found out that most work-at-home moms used their blogs to earn money and that’s when I’ve heard about PayPerPost.

According to my new online friends, if I wanted to earn from my blog, the best way is to register with PayPerPost. I did my research and found out that PayPerPost is a site that lets bloggers earn money by saying something about an advertiser’s website, kinda like promoting a website through your blog or blog advertising. I wasn’t too excited about the idea at first but after several days of research, I was convinced that PayPerPost was the most preferred website when it comes to paid to blog sites so I headed over to and made my technology blog and then I joined PayPerPost. I was excited to see the website’s interface, it was very cool looking and a lot of opportunities were posted. First thing I’ve learned at PayPerPost is: READ THE RULES. I was so excited to look for my first money-making opportunity that I didn’t see that my blog first needs to be 3 months old before it would be approved. Well, after 3 months of waiting, my blog was finally approved and now I’ve joined the largest community of bloggers that try to make the most out of their blog.

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