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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Make Money Out of Your Blog

I’ve recently started blogging just 3 months ago and the primary reason I did it was to earn some bucks. I’ve read in posts and forums that you can actually blog for money and some people really do reel in the big bucks just for writing a few posts online. In fact, the most common way of earning money through the internet is through blogs. There are various ways on how to get paid for blogging. One is through accepting advertising on your blog. If your blog has a high page rank and a lot of readers, advertisers would want to advertise on your blog.

Another way to earn money for your blog is through get paid to blog sites. These kind of sites bring advertisers and bloggers together, eliminating the tough task for bloggers of scouring the net for someone to advertise on their blog. One such site is Smorty. I’ve only been a member of Smorty for a few days but the first time my blog was approved, I already had two tasks waiting for me. Payout would depend on the advertiser but I think the minimum is $5 and they pay through Paypal. Your blog has to be more than 3 months old for it to be approved. Smorty has a very user-friendly interface and campaigns are emailed to suitable bloggers, however you need to log in immediately to accept it as most opportunities are quickly taken.

So if you’re already blogging or thinking of blogging, why not make the most of your blog and get paid while writing about your favorite things.

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