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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Logitech's Pure-Fi Dream

iPod owners would be glad to know that another accessory for their beloved iPod has been released by Logitech. The Logitech Pure-Fi Dream is a bedroom music system for the iPod that has an innovative light and motion sensing technologies.


The Logitech Pure-Fi Dream is more than just a clock radio, it is a first-class audio system with a built-in digital AM/FM radio, dual alarm with battery back-up, ¾ inch high-definition, soft-dome tweeters, and 3 inch high power, long-throw woofers. The Pure-Fi Dream is equipped with Logitech's StereoXL technology can widen a speaker's sound range, so that users can enjoy a greater quality audio experience.

Innovative Motion Sensing Technology

Aside from the great quality sound, the Pure-Fi Dream has the latest motion sensing technology. The Logitech Pure-Fi Dream can be easily controlled in a dark room with its backlighted control buttons which is motion sensitive, eliminating the chance of fumbling in the darkness for the remote or the stereo's controls. The motion sensitive backlit control lights up when a person's hand is waved over the top of the speakers and automatically dims when the user has finished changing the speaker's settings. The motion sensitive control is also incorporated on the Pure-Fi Dream's Snooze function. A person would eliminate the chance of knocking the Pure-Fi Dream off the night stand since a wave of the hand over the speakers would put the audio system to sleep for a few more minutes.


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