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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Complete Shopping Cart Software to Start Your Online Store

If you’re thinking of starting your online store, the first thing that you need to get is an ecommerce software that would let you manage your store. Now why would you need an ecommerce software? Well, if you try to build your own online store, first you need a domain to host your website, a shopping cart software to handle your customer’s payment, an accounting software to keep track of your sales, plus you also need to optimize your website so that it would rank top with search engines, all these would add up to a lot of bucks so you need an all-in-one solution like an ecommerce software that can handle everything.

There are a lot of shop in the box software out there but be careful when choosing cause most of them are unreliable and some the monthly fees that you’d end up paying would drive you out of business even before you start. Now I’ve come across a shopping cart software that can provide you with all of your ecommerce needs. Ashop Commerce is a website that can help you set up your online store sans the fuss and the headaches of doing it yourself.

Some of the features of the Ashop Commerce include:

- complete operational storefront
- Web based store administration
- Free tech support
- Inventory control
- Customizable shopping cart theme editor
- Easy shopping cart payment gateway setup
- Accept credit cards and real time payments
- Offline credit card processing
- CVC security code support
- Google checkout integration
- Free SEO tips and tools
- Fully web optimized structure
- Full HTTPS/SSL support
- Password-protected SSL secured admin panel

Ashop Commerce’s shopping cart software includes loads of other features plus, you get to try all of these, risk free, since the company is offering a 10-day free trial.

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