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Friday, September 7, 2007

NEC has new facial recognition software on their Laptops

NEC is introducing facial recognition on their laptops called "NeoFace" which is a combination of eye zone extraction and facial recognition to help identify the user of the laptop.

NEC originally developed the "NeoFace" technology for security applications like prison management, corporate security or border control so that fingerprint recognition could be eliminated. Last July, NEC's facial recognition technology was used in an automated border control system in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border to identify people while inside their cars. The system reads a car's license plate and then compares the driver's face with the registered driver's ID.

NEC is now introducing the "NeoFace" on their LaVie C and Lavie L series of laptops. The program works when a user configures a profile with three photographs of their face. When the user logs-in, the 2 mega pixel camera on the laptop will scan their facial features.

The system then uses a matching method to determine the identity of the person logging-in. According to NEC, "Neoface" can perform accurate matching even when the user wears glasses, hats, had a new haircut or facial hair, or wears a different facial expression. NEC however adds that the ability to distinguish between identical twins is still speculative.

The LaVie C and LaVie L will be available in the Japanese market in September with prices ranging from ¥150,000 to ¥310,000.

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