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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Web Hosting Reviews

If you’re a newbie webmaster or just someone who wants their own site/blog, the first thing that you will need is a web host. The web host will be the one who stores your files and allocate bandwidth to your visitors. Searching for a good host is a tough job. In most webmaster forums, the most common question asked is “which is the best web hosting company?”

Depending on which webmaster forum you’re on, you can get a reply or two and if you’re lucky maybe even up to five replies, however, those replies are usually not enough to make an informed decision. It’s because those who have replied have their own preferences and there would be seldom two users who will suggest the same web host.

Your next alternative is to search Google for web hosting reviews. Again, Google would churn up millions of results but the ones on the first pages may or may not help you. Sometimes, there are review sites that would end up on the first pages of a Google search result which is more or less an affiliate site so you won’t get a balanced review there, they’d only encourage you to sign up because they would get commissions.

You’d occasionally stumble upon some web hosting articles but they too are just articles that link to a web hosting review site filled with affiliate links. So how can you make an informed decision? Try to visit the sites that turn up on your Google search page until the second page. Find the web hosting review sites that have user reviews. The one without user reviews is most probably just an affiliate site.

Try to ignore any best choice, recommended choice, etc but focus on the user reviews. After visiting around five sites, you can find a common denominator or common choice amongst users. Narrow down your choice to the top five web hosting companies and do further research. Now that you have your top five web hosting companies, try to find reviews of these companies. I recommend searching forums as well for in depth reviews of the specific web host.

After that doing your homework, you can now make an informed decision regarding the best web host for you.

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