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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Geeky Gifts

Now we all like receiving birthday cards. Sure, those paper cards with sweet sappy lines, colorful images and sometimes made with fragrant papers are nice and would melt the heart out of anyone. Birthday cards such as the one pictured here from can come for as cheap as $4 a piece. However, if you think that these kind of birthday cards are just to traditional and blah for the geek that you're going to give it to, why not add a touch of extra geekiness by adding an infrared LED name badge.

You can store up to 8 messages on this Infrared LED name badge with different symbols. You insert it on the envelope with the Birthday card then insert a sticky note saying, "turn me on" or something and then insert your sweet or funny message on the LED badge. It's a very cool gift that would instantly melt the heart of any geeks. The LED badge pictured below is from Brando shop and measures 12 x 40 with a magnetic clip. Sorry, Mac users, this one is compatible with Windows Operating System only. Maybe you can get a higher priced one in one of your MAC stores.

Anyways, this is one cool way of personalizing your birthday cards or any greeting cards.

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