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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Google Adwords vs. Adsense

During my search for ways to optimize and monetize my blog I’ve come across Adsense and as you can see, I’m running it on my site. Then, during my frequent visits to webmaster forums, I’ve come across the term “adwords” and I thought this was another Adsense program but then it didn’t make sense as to why Google will come up with two same service. It turns out Adsense is the program wherein publishers such as bloggers and webmaster run in order to publish Google Ads. Adwords on the other hand is the program that advertisers use to buy ads from Google which Google displays on the Adsense program.

If you’re thinking of using Adwords to increase your site’s visibility on the Internet, then this blog post about Adwords optimization on StylishDesign might help you out.

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