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Friday, May 9, 2008

OMG! Google is running Scientology ads on my blog!!

WTF is that about??!!! This is a gadget site! Why the heck is Adsense running Scientology ads?!! Just to make sure that the ad is really about Scientology I clicked on it and lo and behold! It IS about Scientology, the religion!

I don't mind some that some unrelated ads are being shown once in a while, but ads about religion? Come on, Google! Work on your Adsense algorithm. I mean, was there ANYTHING at all on my recent posts which actually talks about religion? Or just because a blog is under the Science and Technology section of most directories, it automatically gets Scientology ads?

I know there's some tip somewhere in the web that talks about optimizing Adsense to show ads that are REALLY related to your site. I guess I better start Googling on that and start applying it here.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen Scientology ads on and just wrote to inform them. Looks like they are might just be targetting random websites.

I suppose people with AdSense just have to be warned to make the appropriate settings in Google so they don't display Scientology ads (blacklist them or something).