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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Samsung Instinct Vs. iPhone videos

I was invited to the Sprint Instinct Webinar a few days ago, however, I wasn't able to attend but I've heard good things about the Sprint Instinct. I've recently seen their Samsung Instinct vs. iPhone video ads and I must admit that it's cute and clever.

Sprint pointed out the many things that is lacking on the iPhone which I think Steve Jobs might have addressed with their upcoming 3G iPhone. Things like the no GPS, slow EDGE connection, no Live TV, no video recording capability, and failure to connect with the iTunes store were shown on the videos.

While the ads are clever and cute, Sprint failed to point out whether the Samsung Instinct has the iPhone's multi-touch capability, or the full web browsing feature of the Safari Browser. These two things alone makes the iPhone sell plus the fact that it is a great music phone. Now we have yet to see whether the Samsung Instinct will be a great music phone. Here are the Samsung Instinct vs. iPhone videos:


Internet Connection

Live TV

Video Recording Capability

Music Download


Anonymous said...

Thank you we just stated a new reviews and how tos site. Your blog was just the thing to teach us how it should be done. Def coming back again.


Anonymous said...

I cant wait for this phone to come out!

Anonymous said...

Instinct is a crap!