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Monday, April 14, 2008

Top 5 Ways to Get Indexed by Search Engines

One of the most important things that a blogger should do when starting a blog (and this also applies to other websites), is to get indexed by search engines. When you are not indexed by search engines, you will only get a few visitors and this is not a good thing specially if you want to your site to go mainstream. Here are just the top 5 ways to get indexed by Search Engines.

  1. Submit your site/blog. The most common way but has the longest waiting time is manually submit your site to Google or Yahoo. To submit to Google, go this page: and to get indexed by yahoo, submit your site here:
  2. Use trusted hosting companies or blog services. Googlebots regularly crawl a good hosts' index. In my experience, one of my blogs hosted in was indexed in just 1 day.
  3. Submit your site/blog to free web directories. Look for free web directories with high PR and make sure that these directories doesn't use nofollow. Google regularly crawls sites with high PR and when they link to you, you can get indexed faster. Submitting to free web directories also increase your backlinks which can help you rank higher in search engine results.
  4. Pay for inclusion. Some directories like Yahoo's directory ask for a fee before you are included. While you have to be prepared to spend a LOT of dough on this, the advantage is that Yahoo's directory has a very high Pagerank and if you get listed, expect a moderate increase in your PR as well.
  5. Get backlinks. If you can't find high PR sites/directories to link to you, then be content with just having links from websites even without PR. This would increase your backlinks which would get you indexed faster as well.
These are just some of the most commonly used ways to get indexed. Some would provide faster results than others. Anyways, good luck!

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