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Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Alexa Rankings

If you see some changes in your site's rankings on the Alexa Toolbar or the SearchStatus Plugin on Firefox, it's because Alexa has changed the algorithm for calculating a site's popularity. According to Alexa's announcement page, "Alexa's rankings are now based on more sources of data to give a better indicator of website popularity".

The previous Alexa Ranks was solely based on the Alexa Toolbar. Visitors to a certain website need to have the Alexa toolbar installed in order for that traffic to count on your Alexa Rank. This system earned criticisms because there was room for Alexa ranks to be "cheated" and Alexa ranks doesn't show the true popularity of a website because visitors without the Alexa Toolbar will not be counted.

There's no news as to where Alexa will be "sourcing" the information for their new ranks. But give professional SEOs a few days before "theories" are put out in the news.

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