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Friday, April 4, 2008

Speedo’s LZR Racer Swimwear makes swimmers swim faster

A swimwear is hardly what you call a gadget but there is a certain geekiness that comes with making swimsuits especially over at Speedo. Their latest swimsuit which they call LZR is already making waves and breaking records. Though this post is hardly called news since this has been reported by Associated Press and Reuters since last March, I just have to write this and commend Speedo for the engineering that underwent their swimwear.

According to reports, 11 World records have already been broken by swimmers wearing Speedo’s LZR since February 16th. Though Speedo’s LZR has already been approved by FINA they would have another meeting with the manufacturers at the FINA World Short Course Championships in Manchester to discuss the suit’s buoyancy and availability issues.

A director of FINA stated that the suit should be made available to everyone. Some coaches and officials are worried that with the Olympics just around the corner, the swimming world could be split to those who have access to Speedo’s LZR and those who do not.

Speedo’s LZR swimwear has stabilizing supports which help maintain body position, panels to give swimmers a streamlined shape and reduce drag, and a strong but light fabric which reduces muscle oscillation and skin vibration. The LZR costs $550.


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