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Friday, April 11, 2008

Gadget Gift Ideas for Mother's Days

Well, mother’s day is here again. For those of you so buried in their work, make a note on your calendar on May 11th or your mom would blow a fuse if you forgot. For those who have “techie” mothers, here are some mother’s day gadget gift idea:

  1. Digital Picture Frame - Digital picture frames are perfect. If your mom is the kind of person who likes taking pictures of all her kids and grandkids, give her a digital picture frame. She’d save money trying to develop the pictures and it would look great in her living room.
  2. Digital camera - There are a lot of cheap digital cameras in the market if your budget is limited for a mother’s day gift. Bottom line is, if your mom is a “soccer mom” she would definitely need a digital camera to capture life’s every precious moment.
  3. Mobile Phones - Moms always like to be connected with their children and what better way to do that than giving her a cell phone? If your mom is not so “techie” it’s a good idea to just give her a basic cell phone, no cameras, gps, etc., just one for making calls. If she’s more knowledgeable about gadgets then give her one with a digital camera, preferably with 2 mega pixels and up so you can get her two gadgets in one: digital camera and cell phone
  4. LCD Tvs - Now this one is for those who REALLY want to splurge on their moms. Stay at home moms would specially like this one as they can now see Oprah or their favorite soap opera 40 inches bigger.
  5. Home Theater System - This would be great for moms who already own LCD Tvs. It would give her that movie theater feeling and she can invite other “soccer moms” over to watch weepy “chick movies”.

These are just some gadget gift idea this mother’s day. But hey, if you don’t have that kind of dough, you can always order flowers at Plus, if you join their "Celebrate Mom for Who She is" Contest, you can win over $30,000 in prizes! If you do, heck, you can buy all 5 gifts on the list!

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