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Friday, July 6, 2007

Visual Voicemail for your mobile phone

One of the cool features of the Apple iPhone is its visual voicemail. The iPhone's visual voicemail allows users to view their voice messages without listening to prior voice messages so that they can select the messages that are more important to them.

Now, ordinary cell phone users can use the visual voicemail on their phones using SimulSays Beta. SimulSays Beta is a free visual voicemail application for the Blackberry 8800 series, Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve and Windows Mobile Devices. SimulSays Beta lets users scroll and click through their voicemail messages, choosing the order of priority they can listen to their voicemail, saving them time and money.

What's more, when the SimulSays Beta is combined with the Simulscribe voicemail-to-text service, users can also read their voicemail messages in the application. Simulscribe's voicemail-to-text service converts voicemail to text and delivers it via e-mail or SMS. The message is delivered in real time and includes the caller's phone number in the subject line, the transcribed voice message and an audio file of the original message. The SimulSays Beta can also combine with your mobile phone's phonebook so you can reply to the caller's voice message by phone, text message or email.

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