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Friday, July 6, 2007

This day in History widget for the iPhone

There's a perfect iPhone application for history buffs who owns this sleek gadget. Software MacKiev has already released This Day in History. This Day in History is a new widget for iPhone's Safari browser that shows significant historical events corresponding with the current day.

This Day in History is already available at the Company's website free of charge. To access This Day in History on your iPhone, just enter: on the Safari Browser. Like all other widgets for the iPhone, this will only run on the Safari Browser if you have an internet connection and would not be available for use offline.


Unknown said...

Hi Natalie,
Where can I email you other cool iPhone news?

natalie1981 said...

Hi, mobility, I don't want to risk my mailbox flooding with spam so I'm sorry that I can't post my email here. However, feel free to inform me by leaving comments since I'm always notified of any comments left on my blog. Thanks! Can't wait for your iPhone news.

Unknown said...

Right on, well here it is...
Happy Holidays!

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