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Monday, July 9, 2007

How to Detect if Your Computer is a Zombie

Every year, millions of companies fall prey to "denial of service" attacks that cripples their whole system. You might not be aware of it yet but your computer might be one of the computers that caused these attacks.

If you're computer is infected with a "bot", someone might be controlling it remotely to spam other people or attack other computers through a "denial of service".

Signs of an infected computer might include poor computer system performance, slower response times and longer start-up and shut-down times, dramatic loss in Internet connection speeds, loss of hard disk space, web browser frequently closes for no apparent reason, browser's home page resets and cannot be changed, new desktop icons and applications, like toolbars, suddenly appear, access to various computer security-related Web sites is blocked, pop-up ads appear even when the Web browser is closed.

To know more about other symptoms, cure and prevention of a bot infected computer, visit: How to Detect if Your Computer is a Zombie

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