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Friday, July 27, 2007

Safari-like browser for your Pocket PC or Symbian phone

With all the hype that the iPhone is getting, I still haven't jumped unto the bandwagon. Mainly because I think that the only reason to love the iPhone is its Safari Browser. Well, I could further scratch the iPhone from my to-buy list this Christmas and the main reason --- Opera Mini Beta 4.

With the Opera Mini Beta 4, its like having the Safari Browser on your java-enabled phone, be it on a pocket pc or a symbian phone. The interface is great and the animation seamless. You have to try it for yourself. But since it's a beta version, there are still some kinks to fix, like the application suddenly freezes when used on my pocket pc using the built-in midlet manager. But the Opera Mini beta 4 does work seamlessly on my Motorola E770 phone. For pocket pc users, try visiting the Opera mini forums for a solution, I think they already posted one.

To see the full review, visit: Another Reason Not to Buy the iPhone

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