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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

iSkoot for Skype now available for the Google G1 Phone

Everybody's wondering whether it's true that Google will not allow an application that allows VoIP on your Google G1 Phone. Well, then why is iSkoot has announcing that it will be launching its mobile application, iSkoot for Skype for the Android Platform? Coz it's not really VoIP since iSkoot still uses data connection for you to connect to the Skype application and not actual V. iSkoot is also availabe for the Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java, Palm, and Blackberry platforms. See attached press release.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 22 -- iSkoot, a leading provider of Web communication services made for mobile phones, today announced that its mobile application, iSkoot for Skype, is launching in the Android Market, Google's new mobile application store. iSkoot for Skype is the first VoIP solution available in Google's Android Market.

iSkoot for Skype makes it easy and affordable for people to keep in touch with friends, family and contacts with an always-on-the-go lifestyle. iSkoot for Skype leverages the voice-optimized circuit-switched wireless networks of mobile carriers, allowing for full operation even without access to WiFi or 3G networks and ensuring the best possible call quality. Normal carrier voice and data charges always apply.

"We are honored to be the first mobile VoIP application available in the Android Market because we are dedicated to bringing carrier-grade Web communications services to mobile phones and platforms around the globe," said Jim Hudak, iSkoot Vice President of Business Development. "iSkoot continues to work on delivering innovative products that give people a rich mobile experience so that they can cut the cord from their desktop."

Available immediately for download in Google's Android Market, iSkoot for Skype also runs on nearly all major mobile platforms, including J2ME,S60v3, UIQ, Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Android is an open and compressive mobile operating platform developed by an alliance of leading technology and wireless companies including Google Inc., T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola, and many others.

iSkoot has built significant momentum during the past year with the recent acquisition of Social.IM, the social network IM client, which positions iSkoot to grow beyond mobile VoIP and create a compelling and valuable consumer solution with a growing lineup of Web communications that can be integrated and pushed to your phone.


Swajak said...

Just a friendly comment on the accuracy or your thoughts. Either you misinterpret, or I do.

iSkoot routes calls through the 'voice plan' just like any other call. The difference seems to be that they are calling the Skype service, and Skype then takes over from there and uses VOIP:
"Once you're connected to the Skype network, your call works like a regular voice call from your phone. (iSkoot does NOT connect the call using the cellular data channel.)"

natalie1981 said...

Sorry, my bad. I thought since the press release says, "voice and data charges apply" I assumed it's using data.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know if this software will be released for the Motorola Krave? I think that would be so cool! I've been a big fan of the krave ever since I started working with Motorola. I especially like the vcast TV. ( It's definitely worth checking out.

Unknown said...

This would be a great program to release for the Motorola Krave. I would love to be able to use iskoot while on the go. Its great because the Krave has a crystal clear touch screen and blue tooth. Check it out online at I've been a fan of this thing ever since I started working with Motorola.

Anonymous said...

Only avaiable for US America and Canada.