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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The iPhone's New Competitors

It's as if the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic isn't enough, it looks like a busy week for the "let's compete with the iPhone" fanclub. Only a few days after the announcement of the Nokia 5800 and a few weeks after HTC announced their HTC Touch HD (incidentally, you can check the HTC Touch HD Review here), there's another competitor for the iPhone: the Blackberry Storm. The Blackberry Storm is Blackberry's first touch screen device and has there have been rumours of Blackberry creating a touchscreen device which as codenamed Blackberry Thunder. I guess Blackberry changed the name after a while.

Anyways, it looks like we may have a REAL iPhone competitor in terms of interface. The Blackberry Storm doesn't only offer multitouch capabilities but also features an innovative "click through" feature which allows users to type on the keyboard with the same feel and sound as a real keyboard. Pretty nifty. Unfortunately, some say there's no WiFi for the Blackberry Storm. Now THAT's a real damper since this is supposed to be a smartphone. What gives, RIM?

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Anonymous said...

Hmm...looks good...But iPhone will always remain my love... :)

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