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Monday, October 13, 2008

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred
Now here’s a software which can actually be pretty useful (if it works), the Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred Software. I have to say “if it works” because I haven’t really tried out the software but the company claims can be pretty amazing.

The Dragon Naturally Speaking is a transcriber which claims it can transcribe what you say with 99% accuracy! Well, if that’s true, then doctors wouldn’t need medical transcriptionists, right? Of course, the uses of Dragon Naturally Speaking are limitless. Businessmen and doctors are not the only persons who can use this, even persons with disability. Imagine surfing the web by just dictating to your computer! Wow! Imagine how many articles I can churn up with! I’ve not been updating my blog because I lack the time to type but with this software, I can already make a piece by reading and then dictating my thoughts at the same time! Now if only have $199.99 to spare. I’ve read up on some Dragon Reviews and it looks like this is really a winner. According to one review, it did pretty well even on windy days. Also, you might want to check out Dragon’s typing speed test! Video demos embedded for your reference.

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