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Friday, September 19, 2008

A way to vent the network admin's frustrations

Here’s an interesting online competition game for network admins, PSTPanic. PSTPanic is an online competition designed for those who work with PCs, networks, servers, etc. In short, it’s for us, geeks. The website is not an online multiplayer game as what I first thought but it’s more of a social network/competition site. Network administrators will get a chance to vent their frustrations and at the same time, get a chance to win prizes. Hey, who says frustration doesn’t have its rewards?

The game works this way, network admins will just have to submit a picture of themselves capturing their expression when their PC or server suddenly crashes. Before you trash your servers, hand someone a digital camera so that they can capture you in action and who knows, even if you have lost your job, you may still be able to win some prizes given by PSTpanic. So what’s the prize? The photo which is highly rated by other users will get $250 Amazon gift vouchers, 2nd place gets $150 Amazon voucher, and 3rd palce gets $100 Amazon gift voucher. And since PSTPanic is a new site, they’re giving away $10 Amazon gift vouchers for the first 50 photo submissions.

At the end of the competition, PSTPanic will award 5 random participants a free copy of GFI MailArchiver.

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Anonymous said...

This really sounds like something that is up my alley. I am going to check it out. Thanks a lot for the post.