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Friday, September 5, 2008

Port Numbers for Peer to Peer sharing

Now just because this post talks about peer to peer sharing doesn't mean that I encourage software piracy. A lot of people uses peer to peer network for different reasons. There are a lot of non-copyrighted files that are shared in peer to peer networks. Anyways, if you're using peer to peer a lot, you may notice that you're not getting the usual high speed that your ISP should be providing you. This is because some ISPs block the port numbers that are usually associated with peer to peer networks. If you're using Azureus or other bittorrent clients, it is best to use port numbers in the range of 49152 and 65535. This is because some port numbers are already registered and used by other applications.

If you head on over to PC Library, a website that has a huge database of port numbers and error codes, you can view which port number are already in use by some applications. If you've been using proxy sites or proxy software, you'll notice that most proxy address uses the port number 8080. This is because port 8080 is the most commonly used port number by proxy servers. Anyways, if you're curious about which application uses which port number, head on over to PC Library and research all you want.

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