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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Software for extracting audio files from video

I used to be hooked on Spongebob episodes. I know that I'm a grown woman but there's just something about Spongebob that transcends generations. Anyways, going back to my topic, I was so hooked that I bought a DVD to watch previous Spongebob episodes. Now I'm also hooked on mobile phones and I've already put Spongebob's wallpaper as the theme on my mobile phone but I also wanted to get ringtones. I wanted Spongebob's song "ripped my pants" to be my ringtone so I wanted to go about extracting the audio file on my DVD so that I can make it as a ringtone.

After a lot of Googling, I found out that Blaze Media Pro Software, a DVD software, can do this for me. I usually don't buy random software especially if I just wanted to rip some audio file but I thought I what the hey, I can probably make use of Blaze Media's video encoder to convert my various DVD collection into a more mobile friendly format so I can watch it on my windows mobile device. I also had a bunch of Quicktime videos so I guess I could make use of Blaze's MOV converter too.

Anyways, I'm actually pretty happy with Blaze's interface. It's userfriendly plus their file conversion is fast. It usually takes me a long time to rip a CD on windows media player but Blaze can do that in a minute. Anyways, Blaze Media is definitely one of the better investments I've made.

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