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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Web Hosting with Blue Host

One of my domains parked with godaddy has gained a high PR. I've been updating that domain using Godaddy's quickblogcast but even though quickblogcast is easy, it's often times unreliable. Plus, I hate seeing Godaddy's big banner on top of my web site. Anyways, I've been checking out some of the web hosting reviews on the web and so far, most of them recommend Blue Host. However, based on web hosting geek's Blue Host Review, some users say that Blue Host is often down and has almost a non-existent customer service. Now while webhostinggeek.com gave Blue Host the second spot, user reviews just gave Blue Host 3 stars.

I actually believe in customer reviews since customers actually experienced the service though Blue Host's package seems tempting with unlimited web space and bandwidth. Anyways, now it's a toss up between Blue Host and Yahoo but someone in the Google Forums warned against using Yahoo--or maybe that was just a Google moderator. Anyways, if anybody can give me a good advice, feel free to leave a comment.

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