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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Film on Eyeglasses

So, can’t get enough of Iron Man Movie and you’ve just purchased all of the movie merchandise? Well how about going a step further and buy eyeglasses made out of your favorite movie film? These trendy eyeglasses are designed by Zakarias Tipton and he calls his eyeglasses the Cinematique eyewear.

Tipton together with his brother are based in Budapest and his eyeglasses collection is sold in Europe and North America. Tipton’s Cinematique eyewear frames are made using 35mm and 16mm movies. Customers can just order their favorite film on their eyeglasses and Tipton will ship the frames to them. He currently has a list of about 300 films to choose from.

Of course, since the Cinematique eyewear is unique and custom-made, expect to shell out a lot of money on just one pair of eyeglasses. However, if you’re really not into designer-made glasses and you’re just looking for cheap prescription eyeglasses, Clark Howard actually recommends a company that sells cheap eyeglasses, ZenniOptical.

ZenniOptical's $8 eyeglasses

For as low as $8, you can get your own prescription eyeglasses, more than half price of ordinary glasses sold in optical stores. With the current economic crisis, just about everyone needs all kinds of savings and if you can save on your prescription glasses, your money saved can be put to other use such as your mortgage payments.

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