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Monday, August 18, 2008

Opening .BUP files and other .UNKNOWN file extensions

I've been cleaning up some files on my hard drive as I'm getting ready to format it so I'm transferring some important files to my portable hard drive. I came upon the file extension bup. Now bup files are usually associated with DVD files. I may have ripped a DVD on my hard drive some time back, the proble was that some of the files were missing so I can't open it. Bup files usually comes with .ifo and .VOB files so you need to have a bunch of these files together in order to open it with a media player. Since the bup file was alone, I had to delete it since it was pretty much useless alone.

I also came upon some files when the file extension unknown message dialog box popped up. Now no file extension library nor any searches in Google came up with results on how to open that file and when I tried to open it with Notepad, gibberish was what appeared so I guess that means the files were useless.

Anyways, if you come upon any file extensions that you're not familiar with, it's always good to Google it first or visit a file extension library site since just deleting might cause a major problem with your PC.

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