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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Video Game Review: Belle's Beauty Boutique

Okay, if you like a fun, fast-paced game with cutesy graphics, you have got to try, Belle's Beauty Boutique. Guys who like blood-filled action-packed games, you better stay away from this one or you'll probably get cooties. For game tips and tricks, please go here.

The game's story line is that Belle wants to open up a salon so she can make the world a beautiful place. She gets her wish so she has to run a salon and satisfy different types of customers.

If you like the diner-dash type of games, this one would be right up your alley. You have to keep customers happy by catering to their needs like cutting their hair, blow-drying, washing, manicures, or hair coloring. To do this, you have to seat them in the appropriate chairs. A thought bubble will appear so that you can match them to the chairs. When doing manicures and hair-coloring, you have to make sure that the rotating arrow stops at the color the customer wants.

Belle has different types of customers. Unlike in the diner-dash games where you can earn higher points by chain actions, here, you can earn bonus points by matching the customers so that they could either gossip or flirt. There's a gossip/flirt meter which when it gets full, you can do a make-over and rack up some extra cash.

As you progress through the game, you can buy upgrades and change your wall, floor, and window colors. You can buy a radio, tv, magazines, drinks, or spa treatments to use on your customers when they become tired of waiting. You can also hire assistants who can help you with your customers but watch out; they could slack on the job so you have to click on them to make sure they're paying attention to the customers.

At first, I thought the game was fairly easy, just a matching sort of game but the higher the level, the more chairs and more customers you get and I have to admit, you get confused sometimes. And getting expert scores is really tough. But once I got the hang of it (after playing it constantly for 1 week), getting expert scores is easy.

The game has two modes: the story mode and the endless beauty mode. In the story mode, you have to get through all 40 levels before Belle could finally get a bigger salon and in Endless beauty...well, the name says it all, a never-ending work day.

The cute graphics and voice-overs make this game really entertaining. If you've already finished all diner-dash games, then you better get cracking on this one. I'll have to give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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